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A deep insignt and research about misconceptions in topics
related to Islamic finance world and giving answers for them.

Are all companies involved in Cannabis (Marijuana)

12th February 2021

It is well know that Cannabis (generally also referred to as Hemp or Marijuana) has psychoactive effects. The consumption of such things lead to a...

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Are Payment processors Mastercard | VISA ...

21st July 2020

Are Payment processors Mastercard | VISA | American Express Shariah Compliant? 21st July 2020 A lot of Islamicly users question about how some...

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Are Social Media and Digital Content platforms

17th June 2020

Are Social Media and Digital Content platforms like Facebook Inc and YouTube (Alphabet Inc) Shariah Compliant? Total stocks: 44 Compliant: 20 Non-compliant...

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Can preference for Halal stocks change

19th May 2020

Can preference for Halal stocks change the state of the Halal finance Industry? The time that we live in, is dominated by a financial system that is ‘interest’...

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Good news for Shariah sensitive investor:

6th March 2020

The shares of Yes bank are sharply crashed by 85% after RBI announced in the evening on 5th March 2020 to put the bank under moratorium for 30 days...

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Is it halal for Muslims to Invest in Shares listed

5th November 2019

It is permissible for Muslims to invest in stock markets if the company’s Shares are in accordance with Shariah principles. Trading in shares on the stock market...

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Quick Tips – What are Shariah Compliant Stocks?

26th September 2019

Shariah is a law, a guide or a principle in Islam for the people to follow and to lead their lives accordingly. Shariah is an Islamic Law and way of life...

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