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A simple guide for managing your investments in Halal manner as per Sharia standards
or law that has to be followed by Muslims in order to do investing.

Does Your Halal Stock Screening APP Follow Best Industry Practice?

15th November 2022

In the past few years a plethora of apps have appeared that offer Shariah or halal equity screening services to retail investors. However, the differences between them are not always obvious.

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Purification of Shariah Compliant Equities

16th March 2021

Purification of Shariah Compliant Equities Dividend purification of Shariah compliant equities is the process of purifying the income earned from Shariah compliant equity...

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Are Preferred Shares HALAL? A Simple (But Complete) Guide

9th March 2020

A share represents a fractional ownership in a listed company. They usually come with a right to receive dividends i.e. they are entitled to a share of profits in the company...

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What to do if a Stock changes Shariah compliance?

26th February 2021

As we have explained in our previous article that Shariah compliance status of stocks is dynamic and is not permanent. This could be due to the following factors...

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Shariah Financial Ratio Screening :: Market

8th July 2020

The key difference in assessing companies for Financial ratio compliance is the usage of either the Market capitalization or the total assets of the company to compute...

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Is Investing in companies having interest bearing

20th June 2020

Is Investing in companies having interest bearing debt permissible? Islam prohibits all forms of interest in a financial transaction. There isn’t a doubt about the prohibition...

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Shariah compliant status of stocks is Dynamic or static?

18th June 2020

Do companies change their Shariah compliance status often or their Shariah compliance status remains the same? A listed stock is classified as Shariah ...

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Rules of Shariah compliant Equity Trading

16th June 2020

The easiest way for Muslims to invest their money in a halal manner is by investing in Shariah compliant equities of companies listed on local stock exchanges...

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Islamicly Research vs The Rest

13th May 2020

This will give you a wider understanding of the Shariah compliant equity space and why ISLAMICLY is different from other sources you may be accessing information from...

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How to use Islamicly App- Step by Step Guide

17th December 2019

you are excited and eager to use our new Islamicly app for all your halal trading and investment needs. At Islamicly, we are proud to have a one stop platform for all our ...

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